The Fed Line Project supports community food projects and organisations for people in financial hardship/poverty through cooking.

The name 'The Fed Line Project' came about as a play on words for those who sadly are on the 'bread line'. Our main purpose, as the name suggests, is quite simply to help people be fed.

The Fed Line Project was born during lock down. The devastating and exacerbated effect Covid was having on families who simply could not afford to eat was painfully apparent. The necessity for food banks rose sharply as a result, and food banks were inundated.

Food banks and other similar services do an amazing job of helping in emergency situations and ensuring people are being fed. We wanted to learn more about how everything worked, so we visited some food banks.

A conversation came up with one food bank volunteer who said they'd come under criticism before because of the quality of food provided. She felt that fundamentally the point had been missed. With their support people were being fed. Crucially without that support in place many, many people would have gone hungry.

This got us thinking of ways we could perhaps help and play a supporting role. The ideas for cookery courses, the recipe cards and the Ingredients Tool Kits were the result.

Our Mission

The Fed Line Project is of course not a fix. There is a complex problem which has affected people through the pandemic (and way before...), plus since with cuts to universal credit, inflation continuing to rise and rapidly increasing fuel bills. Whilst we don't have a solution, we aim to help enable a better way forward.

What we aim to achieve is two-fold:


Support for the amazing charities and organisations that are ensuing people are simply being fed under emergency situations.

We want to give people the option to eat in the best possible way given the limited resources available and help them to make the best of a pressured situation.


We also work to help people by focusing on long-term change over quick fixes. We help advance the education of people living in poverty through providing practical help and support. Our cookery classes focus on building confidence around cooking filling, healthy, nutritious meals on a budget.

Our Services

Our Programme

Cooking Classes

Helping people learn how to make cheap, easy, filling and nutritious meals.

Our Programme

Ingredients Tool Kits

Each participant will also receive a Fed Line 'Ingredients Tool Kit' - a reusable shopping bag filled with lots of useful and flexible ingredients.

Our Programme

Planning & Shopping Tools

Our classes have been designed to work hand in hand with our shopping, budgeting and planning tools.