Providing skills, confidence, practical ideas and know-how for independent cookery on a budget.

We run cookery sessions which help people learn how to made cheap, easy, filling and nutritious meals. We can also offer guided Zoom cookery sessions too.

At the sessions we will come along to your organisation or hired venue and can provide a 'pop up kitchen' for everyone to enjoy our cookery sessions. We can provide portable induction hobs and ovens if you do not have a kitchen facility.

We can take up to 10 people in a class and classes last for 2 hours. Should a higher number of participants be required, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Our sessions take place in a relaxed, fun and inclusive environment. Our classes are hands on and interactive with everyone taking part. People of all skill levels and abilities are welcome. We teach people as a group, however everyone cooks their own food with our support, help and guidance. Everyone takes their dishes home to enjoy.

At our classes we will provide:

  • An apron for each person to wear.
  • All the cookery equipment needed for each participant to join in and make their own dishes to take home.
  • All the ingredients needed for the recipe.
  • All required packaging to take the dishes home.
  • Recipe cards to take home for each recipe we have cooked.
  • As well as the class itself, every participant will receive an 'Ingredients Tool Kit' along with a set of 20 recipe cards.

Our recipe cards are wipeable, have clear instructions and have nutritional information on the back. They also provide hints and tips and suggested food swaps if certain foods are not available. Our recipe cards also have a QR code on them so the code can scanned and you'll be taken to a handy cooking tutorial video.

Cooking Classes

Our Courses

At a typical session each participant cooks 3 recipes (with up to 12 servings). This includes a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe, for example:

Week 1:
Breakfast: Breakfast burrito
Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup
Dinner: Pizza

Week 2:
Breakfast: Overnight oats
Lunch: Tortilla
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognaise

A typical course is 4 or 7 sessions. This could be weekly, or fortnightly depending on your requirements.

During the courses participants will learn 3 different delicious, low cost meals at each weekly/fortnightly session.

At the end of a 7 session course, everyone will have cooked a total 21 meals. This is a weeks-worth of filling, healthy, tasty and budget conscious meals that people can take forward with them to cook again and again in the future.

After completion of the first course, participants can then go on to complete a second course. Again these can be a 4 or 7 week course with 21 different, varied and tasty low cost recipes.

After 14 sessions participants will then have access to a programme of 42 low budget recipe options that are easily achievable independently. The recipes are designed to be delicious as well as practical so we hope they will become firm favourites so people will want to cook them over and over again!

Please note both of the courses can be run independently. The courses are however designed to be combined as they work in unison to provide the participant with the greatest impact. The content works on a 2-week cycle to make the most from certain ingredients (eg, several meals made from one packet of mince beef etc).