Our cookery courses have been designed to work hand in hand with our shopping, planning and helpful educational tools.

A full kit is provided to each participant during a 4 week course. During our courses we incorporate the teaching and advice from these educational tools within our sessions. As well as discussion, participants are provided with information guides explaining the following:

Planning & Shopping Tools
  • Menu planning on a budget (with 42 'done for you' recipes)
  • Planning a shopping list along with practical planning tools.
  • How to cook in bulk and freeze foods thereby saving money and time.
  • How to prepare, store and reheat food safely.
  • How to defrost food and how to reheat food safely.
  • How to plan to ensure fresh produce is used before it's 'use by date'.
  • Discussion around 'best before' and 'use by' dates and the difference.
  • Basic knife skills to help gain confidence with different foods.
  • How to use leftovers with recipe ideas provided.
  • Learn how to save money by eating seasonally.
  • How to freeze and defrost food and how to reheat food safely.
  • How to adapt recipes - eg. reducing quantities or doubling up for batch cooking.
  • Which cuts of meat are the best value and how to use them (eg. chicken thigh rather than chicken breast for a curry)
  • How to cook eggs (eggs are cheap, filling and rich in protein). We cover all basic cookery methods during the 2 courses.
  • How to use cheap spices, herbs and condiments to transform otherwise bland ingredients to make enjoyable meals.
  • How to make the most from cheap ingredients to bulk out a meal to make it go further and be more filling.
  • Time management - how to get different elements of a meal cooked at the same time and in the quickest time possible to reduce fuel usage.
  • How to incorporate fruit and vegetables to get a healthy balanced diet.
  • Ideas to ensure shopping is optimised so there is little or no food / money waste.