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As well as The Fed Line Project, we also run Cook Stars Limited (a UK wide children's cooking class franchise).

At Cook Stars we have been teaching children to cook through our team of franchisees since 2013. More recently we also started teaching adults cookery in the South Wales area through Cook Coach Limited.

Running private cookery sessions and parties through these businesses has meant we have gained a huge amount of experience teach children and adults far and wide.

Who We Are
Who We Are

Reaching further

Through The Fed Line Project we wanted to be able to reach even further and help different communities.

More people now than ever need to access emergency food through food banks and other support services and are facing daily challenges. The Fed Line Project aims to help people facing financial crisis by supporting them at the earliest stage possible. We offer shorter term practical help as well as providing services that aim to help longer-term.

The Fed Line Project offers support on several levels:

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Immediate help

We provide recipe cards built around the foods that people are typically given at food banks (cupboard staples) to help make the best use of the ingredients.

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Longer term

We deliver cookery classes where we teach skills to help people going forward with ideas of how to achieve cheap, healthy, filling meals on a budget.

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As well as practical cookery sessions we also provide an educational programme. This helps people with planning, budgeting and shopping as well as making best use of ingredients. Attendees gain knowledge and confidence to cook and support themselves independently.